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2011 Edit

  • Occupy Wall Street and affiliated actions call on Street Medics for mobilizations and encampment health. Some Occupy-related medic teams become permanent organizations.

2010 Edit

  • Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti [1] (Disaster response)
  • Street Medic Conference, NE Ohio

2009 Edit

2008 Edit

  • Stop I-69 - Indiana (Environmental justice / Anti-globalization)
  • Mountain justice summer - Appalachia (Community organizing / self-defense)
  • Southeast convergence for climate action - Louisa County, VA (Environmental justice)
  • Republican national convention - St Paul, MN (???)
  • Critical Resistance 10 - Oakland, CA (Prison abolition)
  • Hurricane Ike disaster relief - Dulac, LA (Disaster relief / Indigenous sovereignty)

2007 Edit

  • Mountain justice spring break - Appalachia (Community organizing / self-defense)
  • BioJustice2007 action support and free health clinic - Boston (Anti-globalization / Environmental justice / Community-based clinic)
  • Convergence against the G8 - Heiligendamm, Germany (Anti-globalization)
  • United States social forum - Atlanta (Civil rights / Anti-globalization / Environmental justice)

2006 Edit

  • 2005-2006 Common Ground Health Clinic - LA - One year retreat notes.(Community-based clinic)
  • Support during Oaxaca uprising - Mexico (Community self-defense)
  • Protests outside Mexican consulates - US (Solidarity)

2005 Edit

  • Mountain justice summer - Appalachia (Community organizing / self-defense)
  • Hurricane Katrina survivor support - LA, MS (Community Self-defense)

2004 Edit

2003 Edit

  • 2003-06 Lausanne G8 protest activity - Switzerland (Anti-globalization)
  • Cascadia summer - OR (Forest defense)
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) summit protests - FL (Anti-globalization)
  • Support during al-Aqsa Intifada - Palestine (Community Self-defense)

2002 Edit

  • World Economic Forum summit protests - NY (Anti-globalization)
  • Support during al-Aqsa Intifada - Palestine (Community Self-defense)

2001 Edit

2000 Edit

1999 Edit

World Trade Organization summit protests - WA (Anti-globalization)

1998 Edit

1998 Minnehaha free state (MN) (Community Self-defense)

1973 Edit

Wounded Knee Incident / AIM Occupation - SD (Community Self-defense)

1972 Edit

Republican national convention (RNC) protests - FL (???)

Young lords incoln hospital take-over - NY (Community self-defense)

1969 Edit

Stonewall riots - NY (Community self-defense)

1968 Edit

Democratic national convention (DNC) protests - IL (???)

1965 Edit

Marches from Selma to Montgomery - AL (Civil Rights)

1964 Edit

Freedom Summer - MS (Civil Rights)

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