1965 Selma to Montgomery marches (AL)1971 Wounded knee AIM occupation (SD)1998 Minnehaha free state (MN)
2000-08 Republican National Convention (R2K) protest activity - PA2000-11-16 Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (n16) protest activity - OH2001-09-11 Relief work at St Vincent's - NYC
2003-06 Lausanne G8 protest activity - Switzerland2004-08 Republican National Convention (RNC) protest activity - NY2004 March for women's lives - DC
2004 Pittsburgh regional convergence against the war - PA2005-2006 Common Ground Health Clinic - LA2009-08 Calais No Border Camp - France
Active Listening Skills (for sexual assault survivor support)Affinity group medicAsk a streetmedic
Athens manifestoBest Medical WebsitesBurn wound (for soccorista)
Burns and blistersCGHC points of unityCold injury and illness
Community health worker (CHW)ConstipationCurrent events
DNC medic points of unityDocumenting injuries (police brutality)Emotional aftercare (herbal)
Epileptic Seizure Basic AftercareExample Consent PoliciesEye Flush
FearFirst Internet Discussion on Street Medics, Media, Gender and EthicsFor pepper spray on the skin
Gas masksHandcuff injuryHeadache Remedies
Healing properties of the concealmentHealth and safety at arrestable actionsHealth and safety in sabotage actions
Heart attackHeat injuryHeat injury and illness
Help getting to sleepHelp getting to sleep (herbal)Historical events
How To Organize A Street Medic TrainingHow to pee outsideHow to take care of a sick person
Hunger strikeHunger strike (in prison)Hypothermia
Illness aftercareInfected woundsInitial assessment
Initial assessment (for soccorista)Injury aftercareInjury aftercare (herbal)
Intake listInterview with Rosehip Medic Collective (Portland, OR)Kettling
L.A.W. (liquid antacid and water)Lifesaving skillsList of original sources
List of street medic organizationsLiving well with diabetesLockdown Health and Safety
Main PageMedicMedic:About
Medic:Current eventsMedic spaceNarcan
OC trial protocolsOC trialsOWS medics code of ethics
Oaxaca solidarity actions on december 22Open woundsPepper spray and tear gas
Points of unityPolice dog bitePrimeros auxilios para quemaduras
Protester health and safetyProtocols and medical issuesRadio Communication for Action Medical situations
Red cross-crescent emblemsResource ListsResponding to Sexual Assaults as Mass Mobilizations
Roles and ethicsSexual Assault DisclosureShock
Signs of dangerous illnessSome expectations of street medicsSpecial considerations for gunshot wounds and shrapnel wounds
Steps on how to become a police officerStrains sprains and breaksStreet Medic Conference 2010
Street medicStreet medic history and philosophyStreet medics in the news recently
StrokeTaserThe dangers of working with pepper spray
Training outlinesTriageUS social forum 2007
Want to screen print some patches?What to put in your first aid kitWilderness first responder
Wounds that are likely to become dangerously infectedУслуги по продвижению сайтов
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